Backlinks are everything.
Getting good ones is no joke.

The simplest and easiest way to kickstart your link building mission

If you want organic traffic, you need backlinks. And, to be frank, if you want to compete, you need a lot of them.

BacklinksHive is a huge library of backlink opportunities, handed to you on a plate. We scoured the internet for all the easiest to get backlinks, and collected them for you all in one place. If you have a new website, or an older site that doesn’t have many backlinks, this is perfect for you.

Backlink Website Categories
While some of the sites in the directory are household names, you should find some unique sites, or see some you may have forgotten.

List of 100+ websites to submit your articles to get backlinks.

List of 230+ websites to get some traffic + high DA backlinks.

List of 290+ websites to post your ads on classified listing sites.

List of 160+ websites to earn backlinks from various directories.

List of 40+ websites to grab high DA event websites backlinks.

List of 220+ websites to get traffic and backlinks from forums.

List of 215+ websites for guest blogging and high DA backlinks.

List of 80+ websites to submit your images and earn good backlinks.

List of 165+ websites with images and infographics for backlinks.

List of 20+ microblogging websites to get some traction and backlinks.

List of 30+ websites to get some more downloads and backlinks.

List of 25+ websites to get PPTs and PDFs exposure + backlinks.

List of 100+ websites to earn some publicity and backlinks.

List of 40+ QnA websites to get some traffic and backlinks

List of 30+ websites to submit your RSS Feeds and get more traction.

List of 120+ high DA websites for social bookmarking and backlinks.

List of 45+ websites to create backlinks by from your videos.

List of 110+ websites to get some cool 2.0 backlinks.